Last 50 Years

After graduating Taylor Allderdice High, I graduated the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Finance and Accounting.

I was originally married to Carol Sperling.

I passed the CPA, first time, Spent 2 army-years in Army Audit Agency, at Detroit. Moved to California. Served as Audit Manager for 5 major aerospace/ electronics firms, specializing in Information Systems Audit. I founded the EDP Auditors, (now Information Systems Audit & Control Assoc. (ISACA)) with worldwide membership probably over 100,000. Wrote & lectured all over, in the early days.

We had three kids along the way. After 12 years, I was divorced from Carol; did the Topanga thing for a few years, and then married Donna Mirchick, who I met while traveling to Pittsburgh on an assignment with Rockwell. (She lived in my Mother’s apartment building).  Donna was originally an X-ray tech. Once in California, she got a degree in finance, and went to work for Northrop Grumman, as a Budget Analyst.

We lived in Playa del Rey, Ca. (above the ocean) for most of the last 40 years. Then we retired, sold the PDR house and moved to a quasi-resort area, on Lake Lanier, in North Georgia.

We’re both in relatively good condition for our ages (Donna’s a bit younger than I am.) Translated, that means there’s a number of bothersome age-related problems, but none of any consequence.)

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